Aidan is constantly researching and writing articles, lectures and books on matters historical, cultural and artistic. Below are a selection of some of his larger projects.

A Damn Yankee, Am I? Thanks!

Aidan's latest major work provides vivid portraits of the Irish in the era of the US civil war.

This work is currently being edited and will be released in 2022.

Learn more here.

Local and Family History

Aidan is a keen historian with a special interest in the Irish emigration experience and is an active member of the Co. Longford Historical Society; he contributes regularly to the society’s journal, Teabhtha.

Music Articles and Reviews

Aidan writes articles and reviews for Irish Music magazine which has an international audience. Read more here.

The Newfoundland Irish

Find out about the various projects and works Aidan has delivered on the connections between the Irish in Newfoundland Canada.

  • The Forgotten Irish Documentary series

  • A Grand Time - Irish Traditional Music Archive

  • Na Gaeil i dTalamh an Éisc - Award-winning book in Irish.

Aidan has written the seminal work "I'll Live til I Die" on the legendary Irish balladeer Delia Murphy. Find out more about this work here.

Atlantic Gaels

In this exciting and informative booklet, Aidan explores the historic and cultural links between Donegal and the Hebrides. More here.